WISC Editorial Agenda 2014

Four issues we'll pay special attention to this year
WISC Editorial Agenda 2014

Today we begin the roll-out of our editorial agenda for 2014. We want to start by thanking all of you who offered your suggestions. We considered them all, and adopted some.

The first of our four issues, One Madison, is a direct response to the Race to Equity report. The racial disparities outlined in that report are unacceptable. We will explore each of the disparities and what’s being done to eliminate them. But we know this: what we are ultimately talking about here is One Madison.

We’re putting redistricting reform back on our agenda in ’14, as State Senator Dale Schultz recommended. We need a more fair and non-partisan method for re-drawing legislative districts every ten years and the only way we can that is by Changing Who Chooses Who.

Beyond achievement disparities in our schools, we need to a better job of preparing all of our children for their individual, productive futures, whether it’s college or work. In order to do that we have to address The Opportunity Gap.

And this is an election year, so we’re about to be bombarded with “reports” on jobs, taxes, the economy, you name it. We’ll point you to resources you can trust, an Economic Spin Doctor if you will.

We’ll look at each of these more closely this week, beginning with One Madison tomorrow.