WISC Editorial Agenda 2014 – One Madison

Our shared commitment to ending racial disparities
WISC Editorial Agenda 2014 – One Madison

The first of our editorial agenda items for 2014 is One Madison, a title we stole – with permission – from the Urban League of Greater Madison’s strategic plan for the year. Very simply, One Madison says it all, and we appreciate the Urban League allowing us to share it.

The answers to racial disparities in school achievement, poverty and employment rates and prison incarceration are many. Some are difficult. Some are frustratingly stubborn. But all include our shared commitment to One Madison. It includes everything and excludes nothing. It is white privilege and institutionalized racism. It is ignorance and fear. It is language and attitudes. It is respect and dignity.

Of all the embarrassing, destructive, unacceptable things our worst in the nation racial disparities say about our community the most troubling is that we are in fact two cities…one if we are white and one if we are not, especially if we are black. We must be One Madison, including One Madison as we join together, black and white to confront disparities and end them. It’s number one on our agenda for that very reason. Tomorrow…Changing Who Chooses Who.