WISC Editorial Agenda 2014 – Changing Who Chooses Who

Momentum grows for redistricting reform
WISC Editorial Agenda 2014 – Changing Who Chooses Who

We’ll have more to say about the unfortunate decision by State Senator Dale Schultz not to run for re-election, bringing to an end his 32 years in the Wisconsin Legislature. But as we roll out our editorial agenda for the year this week we simply point out that one of the suggested topics we incorporated in the agenda came from him – redistricting reform.

Schultz’s principled support for a non-partisan process for re-drawing legislative district boundaries every ten years stands in stark contrast to the refusal by his Republican colleagues to even schedule hearings on pending reform legislation, or Governor Walker’s apparently hollow claim that now is the time to discuss reform. History shows Democrats have been no more interested reforming the system. But momentum is building among citizens in the state to end the boundary drawing charade that has lawmakers picking their voters rather than voters picking their lawmakers.

So here’s to you Senator Schultz. We join you in pursuing a more representative democracy by Changing Who Chooses Who. And tomorrow, we will look at the Opportunity Gap.