WISC Editorial Agenda 2010 – Time For Kids/ Time For School Lunch


Following a year of eat-ins around the country, over 100-thousand emails sent to members of Congress, and years of work by local food advocates, reauthorization of the Child Nutrition Act is a House vote away from becoming law. The bill would fund healthier school lunches, regulate junk food in school vending machines and set aside 50 Million dollars for Farm to School programs. And of course what that means is reduced childhood obesity and diabetes, better learning and more active, healthier kids.

It’s important that the House bill pass since it would pay for the program without making harmful cuts to food stamps. Good food in our schools is one of the smartest things we can do for our kids and our local farmers. We expect all Wisconsin members of Congress to support reauthorization of the Child Nutrition act. Time for kids includes time for a healthy lunch.