Wis. Supreme Court avoids religious objection case

Wisconsin Supreme Court avoids ruling on merits of religious objection case
Wis. Supreme Court avoids religious objection case

A divided Wisconsin Supreme Court has decided not to rule on whether minors should be allowed to make their own medical decisions.

The issues were raised in a case involving a 15-year-old Jehovah’s Witness who rejected life-saving blood transfusions based on her religious beliefs. A court-appointed guardian approved the transfusions last year, over objections of the girl and her parents.

The case before the Wisconsin Supreme Court revolved around the appointment of the guardian. But the court decided 4-3 on Wednesday that the case was moot since the order appointing the guardian had expired.

The court did not address the underlying issue of whether the girl should have been allowed to make her own medical decisions.

The dissenting justices say the court should have ruled on that issue.