Wis. store sells 40-year-old cheddar for $10 per oz.

Cheese was found in a walk-in cooler

Cheese lovers sampled 40-year-old cheddar cheese and loved it — not batting an eye that it had been on this earth longer than some of them.

Ashley and Ryan Mikkelson drove from Minneapolis for the tasting at Wisconsin Cheese Mart in Milwaukee on Saturday.

Twenty-eight-year-old Ashley Mikkelson described it as smooth and said she felt she was a part of history.

Forty-two-year-old Deana Dearry said it was lighter than expected.

Store owner Ken McNulty bought 10 pounds from Z’s Cheese Shoppe in Oconto. The owner, Edward Zahn, found it in a walk-in cooler this spring. He says it had been overlooked unintentionally for years.

McNulty sold it for $10 an ounce. He says he sold out in the first half hour. The rest he’s using for tastings.