Wis. Salvation Army kettle drive falling short

Part of problem attributed to shoppers carrying less cash
Wis. Salvation Army kettle drive falling short

A Salvation Army kettle drive in Fond du Lac is in danger of falling short of its goal, a situation an organizer attributes in part to shoppers’ increased use of plastic.

Denise Shaffer is a Salvation Army community-development coordinator. She said a lot of donors drop in loose change, but in an economy where people aren’t as likely to pay with cash, they’re also less likely to drop change in the kettle.

She told The Reporter of Fond du Lac it’s a problem that’s common throughout the nation.

The organization set a $156,000 donation goal for the season. So far it has raised about $73,000, or 47 percent.

Shaffer said by this time of year, the organization is at 70 percent to 80 percent of its goal.