Wis. ranks near bottom for charitable giving

3.4 percent of income ranks below median of 4.7

Wisconsin ranks near the bottom of states for charitable giving.

That’s according to the Chronicle of Philanthropy, which this week published an extensive look at giving in America.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Wisconsin ranks 44th among the 50 states.

According to the study, Wisconsin residents contributed $2 billion, based on 2008 dollars, with a median contribution of $1,747. So residents allocated 3.4 percent of their income to charity. The national median is 4.7 percent.

The study relied on 2008 Internal Revenue Service data from itemized deductions. Only taxpayers who earned $50,000 or more were examined. For total contributions, Wisconsin ranked 26th.

Deborah Fugenschuh is president of the Donors Forum of Wisconsin, which works to promote and support philanthropy. She said Wisconsin doesn’t have the wealth of other states.