Wis. officials warn against livestock from New Mexico

Cattle infected with disease similar to Foot-and-Mouth
Wis. officials warn against livestock from New Mexico

The state is advising against the importing of livestock from certain parts of New Mexico after a viral disease was found in horses there.

The disease is vesicular stomatitis, or VS. It resembles Foot-and-Mouth, primarily affecting horses, cattle, swine, and occasionally sheep and goats.

It causes fever and blisters in the mouth, nostrils, hooves, and teats. The animal recovers in three to four days.

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection advises against importing livestock from New Mexico without first checking to see if they are coming from a VS designated area in New Mexico.

Wisconsin joins several other states who have added requirements to the import of livestock from the affected and surrounding counties of New Mexico.