Wis. court won’t step into concealed carry dispute

Winnebago County judges: only officers can carry in court without permission

The state Supreme Court won’t help a prosecutor carry a concealed weapon in the courtrooms.

Judges in Winnebago County said nobody but law enforcement officers can carry in court without written permission.

District Attorney Christian Gossett, contends the ban conflicts with part of Wisconsin’s concealed carry law that allows prosecutors to go armed if they have permits.

Gossett and his deputy, Scott Ceman, asked the Supreme Court to either order the judges to let him carry or take up his case as an original action.

The court Friday issued an order saying it would do neither. The order didn’t offer any explanation.

A message left at the district attorney’s office after hours wasn’t immediately returned.

Gossett and Ceman’s attorney, John Monroe, said he hadn’t seen the order and declined comment.