Wis. abolitionist to be honored at NY museum

Wis. abolitionist who was branded in 1844 for trying to free slaves to be honored at NY museum

A Wisconsin abolitionist who was arrested and branded in the 1840s for trying to free slaves will be inducted into a New York-based Hall of Fame next month.

Sheboygan Press Media reported Capt. Jonathan Walker lived just south of Plymouth during the Civil War. He was arrested in 1844 while trying to sail seven slaves from Florida to the Bahamas.

He was sentenced to prison and had “SS,” for “slave stealer,” branded on his right hand.

He’ll be inducted into the National Abolitionist Hall of Fame in Peterboro, N.Y. His relatives say the honor is long overdue.

His great-great-granddaughter is Bonnie Wightman Inskeep of Bennett, Colo. She said her family is very proud that Walker was part of the abolition movement.