Winter sports, ice fishing help promote clean lakes

Winter sports, ice fishing help promote clean lakes

For the third year in a row, Clean Lakes Alliance held its biggest fundraiser, Frozen Assets Fest.

“Families come down here and enjoy the fun free things,” Adam Sodersten said.

Sodersten, director of marketing and development for the organization, said the event draws thousands to Lake Mendota each year.

“It’s really trying to hit everybody and how they can connect with the winter,” Sodersten said.

Clean Lakes Alliance’s biggest goal is to keep the lakes in great shape so activities can continue.

“We need healthy lakes to be able to do things that we like. Fishing, skiing, snowshoeing, and swimming are all these things we do in the lakes,” Sodersten said.

Arguably, the biggest winter lake activity is ice fishing, which was an event featured at the festival.

“It’s fun and relaxing,” Matt Schaetten said.

Schaetten and his fishing partner, Doug Jones, made up one of 28 teams during Sunday’s NAIFC Tournament on Lake Mendota. They said they couldn’t do what they do without groups like Clean Lake Alliance.

“For us, for tournament fishermen, we like the lakes clean. We like not over-harvesting fish. It’s just a better thing for all the sportsmen,” Schaetten said.

Sodersten said hosting large tournaments and fun activities year -ound, brings people to our lakes.

“What we’re doing is hoping it draws attention to how these lakes are the center of our community and how we need to make sure they stay healthy,” Sodersten said.