Winter is grow time

Start an indoor growing hobby

The Madison Greenhouse Store on Williamson Street can help gardening novices and seasoned pros move their hobby indoors. The store combines an open, year-round retail space with owner Jordan Hosking’s greenhouse building projects.

Flex your indoor green thumb at any experience level

Beginner: Grow Through a Window
Jordan Hosking, owner of the Madison Greenhouse Store, says plenty of people are doing great things indoors with a couple of windows in an apartment or home. Many grow basil plants or leafy greens to add freshness to everyday meals. Growing conditions can be different at each window, however. Hosking says growers wanting to turn a small space into a mini-garden may need to add heat mats and grow lights.

Intermediate: Set up for Spring
In January and February, Hosking says, many outdoor gardeners seed start–a way to grow plants from seed to sprout so plants are ready for outdoor gardens when the warm season arrives. Hosking says to prepare a plant to move outdoors, it’s essential to use a fan to build stem strength, otherwise the plant will be unaccustomed to outdoor wind conditions and immediately fall over.

Advanced: Get Greenhouse Ready
For those who create lavish gardens in the summertime, greenhouses create a space to keep up with the hobby. Hosking’s greenhouses are built for Wisconsin–they can handle heavy snow loads and extreme winds. While it is nearly impossible to build a greenhouse on frozen ground, Hosking says his phone rings off the hook with calls starting in April from people who wish they had built one.


A Little Sun: These T5 Sun Blaze 44 grow lights imitate the sun’s rays, perfect for spaces lacking natural light. $174.95 Winter is grow time

Keeping it Hot, Hot, Hot: Heat mats create the temperature necessary for seed starting plants that need warmer conditions. $28-$88Winter is grow time

PIY (Plant It Yourself): The store supplies everything needed to create and design a unique terrarium. $15-$50Winter is grow time

Must Mist: This glass mister bottle will keep all your thirsty plants hydrated. $9 Winter is grow time

Short Cuts: Adopt an already potted plant. $10-$30Winter is grow time

Madison Greenhouse Store
1354 Williamson St., 819-8822

Maija Inveiss is digital content editor at Madison Magazine.