Wingra Boats makes changes to manage COVID-19

MADISON, Wis. — Wingra Boats has moved all rental requests online to better protect their customers from COVID-19 ahead of their opening next weekend.

Renters will receive a confirmation email with a full outline of the business’ new guidelines and expectations around the coronavirus including wearing masks onsite.

Wingra Boats Manager Tyler Leeper said once people arrive they’ll be expected to await a call letting them know their boat is ready at a safe distance. With these measures staff hope to be able to enforce social distancing by keeping people from crowding the docks.

“It feels more important now during this social distancing to give families and people the opportunity to get out into nature and to be able to practice safe social distancing and yet still have that adventure or that special time with their family,” Leeper said. 

Wingra staff also plan to disinfect every boat, paddle and life jacket after each use. They said, once disinfected, life jackets will be stored for three days before being given to another person.

While staff are excited to help people get out onto the lake, Leeper said he doesn’t want to see visitors become lenient with safe practices as the weather warms.

“We want to make sure they understand that the risk is still there and that they need to practice safe behavior at all times,” he added.