Wineke: Wait… who was president for the past four years?

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MADISON, Wis. — As I watched the Republican National Convention this week, I began to agree that it is time for a change.

I heard speaker after speaker proclaim that America is going to Hell in an oaken bucket, that our cities are cesspools of mob violence, drugs and riots, that we can’t trust government officials, you get the picture.

Under President Joe Biden, this country has disintegrated into Pottersville, the fictional anti-city of the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Things are just terrible. People are dying of a foreign virus; North Korea is testing nuclear weapons. It’s all just terrible.

I was so enthralled by this depiction of the Biden presidency that I momentarily forgot that Biden isn’t, in fact, president.

Donald Trump is president. The America these speakers are railing against is the America led by Trump for the past four years.

It has really been a surreal past week or so.

It started with Steve Bannon, the Darth Vader character who was primarily responsible for Trump’s election in 2016 being arrested on a yacht owned by a Chinese billionaire.

He is charged with profiting to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars off a fund-raising effort to build a portion of President Trump’s wall.

Not only that, but it appears that the wall built with the money that Bannon and his friends didn’t siphon off is in danger of falling down. And the contractor who built it has received multi-billion dollar contracts from the federal government to build other portions of the wall.

The president says he knew nothing about this. His advisers, including his son, Donald Trump Jr., said as the money was being raised that he was all for it.


About the same time, President of Liberty University Jerry Falwell Jr., one of the President Trump’s leading Evangelical supporters, was photographed on another yacht with his pants unzipped and his arm around one of his wife’s staff members.

Falwell ended up resigning – and then withdrawing his resignation, even as his former pool boy accused Falwell and his wife of … well, weird. Later on Monday, Falwell resigned for good.

In the meantime, the New York attorney general is investigating the Trump Organization. Eric Trump, the president’s other son, first agreed to testify and then said he wouldn’t because the “Constitution” says he doesn’t have to do so – one way of taking the Fifth Amendment.

Anything else? Well, the president did pretty much endorse QAnon, the weird (I know that word keeps coming up, but, listen) conspiracy group that says a group of cannibalistic Satanists who populate the “deep state” are trying to destroy the United States. He said they are people who “seem to like me” and who “love their country.”

This was all the lead up to a convention that began by saying it wouldn’t even produce a platform of future goals because it so trusts the instincts of President Trump.

Obviously, Biden would be worse.