Wineke: Trump’s moat won’t float

The real question dividing Americans today isn’t whether President Donald Trump should be impeached, but whether Trump proposed defending our southern border with a moat.

Two New York Times reporters, who have written a book about Trump and immigration, reported Tuesday that the president told his staff in March that he’d like to consider digging a moat between the United States and Mexico and filling that moat with snakes and alligators.

A moat. In the desert. Filled with alligators.

The president says that’s fake news. But the president always says “fake news” about any report that makes him look stupid, even if the report is buttressed with evidence of Trump saying the stupid thing on camera.

For example, the president also says reports that he wanted his fabled wall topped with spikes is fake news — but he tweeted suggestions of a wall topped with spikes.

So, I’m believing the moat story until I see convincing evidence it is not true.

Building and maintaining a moat in the desert would be an engineering feat that rivals sending humans to the moon.

First, we’d have to figure out what to do with the dirt that piles up while you dig a trench for the moat. I suppose you could use it to build an earthen wall, so that’s not an impossible barrier, though it certainly would not be an impenetrable barrier.

Second, we’d have to figure out where to get the water. This is a desert, remember? The famed Rio Grande River tends to run dry at some times of the year.

Third, we’d have to figure out what to feed the alligators. I know there are those in our midst who think they could survive on “illegal aliens,” but I have a feeling a moat filled with alligators might have a deterrent effect. So we most likely would have to assign the Border Patrol the task of driving along the moat each day and throwing food to the alligators.

Does this all sound nuts?

The president says it is not true.

How much would you bet he’s telling the truth when he says that?

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