Wineke: Trump as talent judge: Terrible

Whether you like him or despise him, you have to admit that Donald Trump must be the worst judge of talent who has ever occupied the Oval Office.

I was thinking of that the other day as I heard the former president disparage Cassidy Hutchinson, who testified to the January 6 committee last week.

Hutchinson, a former assistant to Trump’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows, testified to a wide range of events concerning Trump and his top staff.

Trump, in turn, called Hutchinson “mentally ill,” a low-level staffer whose main job was to keep the refrigerator stocked with Coke, and a social climber whom no one liked.

Yet, there she was, sitting in Oval Office meetings, flying around on Air Force One, and occupying a desk mere steps from Tump’s office.

That’s to say nothing of the fact that, if Trump thinks a political staffer is responsible for stocking White House refrigerators, he has no idea how his former workplace operates. The White House has its own people for that.

But, then, that’s Donald Trump.

Among the weak incompetents – in his view – who have worked for him are former secretaries of state, secretaries of defense and attorneys general, all personally selected by Trump, all repeatedly praised by Trump and all fired by Trump after having the audacity to disagree with him about something.

He had at least four chiefs of staff in his brief period in the White House.

Meadows was around for some of Trump’s most controversial days and Meadows still, apparently, stands behind him – but then a Trump committee gave $1 million to the organization that now employs him.

Then, there’s former Vice President Mike Pence, who huddled in the Capitol with Secret Service agents on January 6 while Trump-inspired rioters demanded he be hanged. To this day Trump has not denounced them, while he has been all-too-willing to denounce Pence.

There is not a publicly-traded corporation in the world that would keep someone with Trump’s personnel disasters in its top executive position. So far as I know, he doesn’t even run his own company anymore.

One reason I think that is because it is still in business.