Wineke: Tiffany and Fitzgerald bring more shame to Wisconsin

MADISON, Wis. — The world does not need me to inform it of the shameful actions of President Donald Trump and his supporters Wednesday.

You watched them live on television, storming the nation’s Capitol, sending senators and representatives and staff members into hiding, defacing monuments and causing the activities of representative government to cease for some five hours.

You saw it. I saw it.

We saw the president egg them on and promise to be with them as they marched down Constitution Avenue, which of course he did not do. He made a video during the riot telling the rioters how much he loved them.

All this is bad enough. All this is more than bad enough.

But, when it was all over, Wisconsin Republican Congressmen Scott Fitzgerald and Tom Tiffany voted to support them.

Because that’s what the vote was all about. The vote was to keep Trump in office by overturning the ballots of, among other others, the citizens of Wisconsin.

And, even after all the carnage of the day’s events, Fitzgerald and Tiffany still wanted to overcome the results of an election that has been deemed honest and fair by more than 60 court decisions and by the man Trump appointed to oversee the election.

Even Sen. Ron Johnson, who rarely finds a bad cause he won’t support, had enough brains to drop his support after witnessing the day’s destruction.

There is only one reason why all this was going on: Trump wanted it.

Those who wanted to reject the ballots argued that so many people question the legitimacy of the election that there should be a 10-day “audit” of returns from questioned states (like Wisconsin) to put them at ease.

The president kept claiming the election was “rigged,” that vote counting was unfair, and that fraud prevailed. When judges asked his attorneys to prove those claims, the attorneys admitted they weren’t even alleging fraud, they were just giving voice to the concern of people who believe the president’s words.

I know people who don’t think the election was fair. I know people who actually went to Washington this week to support the president. The people I know are good, decent, intelligent people who have been kind to me and whom I like.

Some 73 million Americans voted for Trump; I hardly believe they are all blind yahoos. They honestly believe in the president’s cause.

But Fitzgerald and Tiffany aren’t part of that larger group. They know how elections work and they damn well know how Wisconsin elections work.

They really should be ashamed to return to Wisconsin.