Wineke: These guys are losing it

Wineke: These guys are losing it
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I don’t know what’s going on in Republican circles these days, but it is pretty clear that insanity is kicking in big time.

I’m not even talking about what is going on relative to Congress and impeachment. It seems relatively certain that the House will vote to impeach the president and the Senate will vote to acquit him and he will run for reelection.

What I’m talking about is the bizarre nature of the events associated with the White House.

I scrolled through my news feed and learned, first, that the committee assigned to reelect Trump has issued a video portraying him as a genocidal maniac – again, this is a pro-Trump group portraying the president as a mass murderer.

Then I read an account of his latest rally, where he ridiculed a security guard for being too respectful of a protester, saying, “He didn’t do the greatest job.”

The Trump war room posted a video on Twitter that superimposed Trump’s face onto the character of the Marvel comic book character, Thanos, who, in the “Avengers” movie massacred 3.7 billion people. Then, it suggested that Trump could turn House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff and Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler into dust.

It’s all kind of stupid, I realize. But why would anyone want to equate the president of the United States with a maniac mass murderer? Why, even more so, would a supporter of the president want to do that?

At a rally in Pennsylvania, a woman managed to sneak into the crowd with a sign reading “Grabbing Power Back” and wearing a T-shirt with a middle finger emblazoned on it.

The president lost it. “Get her out, get her out!” he shouted. And, when a security guard ushered the woman out of the arena without physically restraining her, the president – again, this is the president of the United States – yelled at the guard for being too “politically correct.”

Either the president is losing it completely – he may not have all that far to go – or he is giving us a foretaste of a second Trump administration.

Either way, his actions aren’t those of a typical authoritarian despot; they are more equivalent to those of a mad dictator days away from losing power. He just cannot stand having anyone around him who doesn’t worship at his feet.

This all would be amusing if there was still a Republican Party in anything other than name only.

But the leaders of the Republican Party have made it clear they are willing to jettison the FBI, the State Department and even their own colleagues in order to massage Trump’s ego.

The one thing we know for sure about people with Trump’s personality: They always get worse. What we consider shocking today will be commonplace tomorrow, and tomorrow’s headlines will revolve around actions we can’t even contemplate today.

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