Wineke: The voice of Satan?

C3K columnist responds to the NRA's response to Newtown tragedy
Wineke: The voice of Satan?

The National Rifle Association has come out with its response to the massacre of little children in Newtown, Connecticut.

Put an armed guard in every school in America. The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun, says NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre.

Well, there’s the voice of Satan for you.

Not that LaPierre is Satan. LaPierre is a corporate shill who gets paid nearly $1 million a year to defend the interests of gun and ammunition manufacturers by opposing any and all attempts to limit the freedom of gun owners to do any damn thing they please any place they please to do it.

He might even be a nice guy in private life. I’m sure many of the tobacco executives who were willing to see millions of people die in agony from lung cancer were nice guys when they worked to defeat tobacco legislation. Pay me a million dollars a year and I might say the same things LaPierre said. But that wouldn’t change the moral tenor of the message.

The message is Satanic.

You see, this is the Christmas season, the time many of us purport to give glory to God for the birth of Jesus. This is what Jesus said about armed violence: “All who take the sword will die by the sword.”

LaPierre’s message is Satanic because it promises security where there is no security; it promises that if you can kill your enemy before your enemy kills you, then you will be safe.

It is Satanic because it proposes violence as an end to violence. It encourages our children to look to armed guards – many call for armed teachers – as the source of safety.

It is Satanic because, carried to any logical extension, it calls for posting armed guards not only in schools, but in churches, concert halls, art galleries – any place we now associate with civilized activity and culture.

It is Satanic because it calls on us to put our trust not in a loving God but in a weapon meant to kill.

The message is Satanic, too, because if we can’t blame guns for gun violence, and if we can’t put any restrictions on gun owners, then who can we blame?

LaPierre suggests we might look at the mentally ill, by finding new ways to control those who have mental illness and by making sure that their freedoms aren’t unrestricted.

I would agree that anyone who opens fire on little children is mentally ill. No sane person would do that. But the mentally ill are far more often to be victims of violence than perpetrators of violence. Those few who do go on killing sprees do so with the weapons LaPierre wants to protect.

And, every single day, men and women who do not fit the definition of mental illness take guns and kill one another and kill themselves.

If that’s not Satanic, you might give me a definition of what is.