WINEKE: The last thing we need is a military parade

President Donald Trump is commander in chief of America’s armed forces, and if he wants a military parade, then I guess we’re going to get a military parade.

The nation is going to spend tens of millions of dollars transporting tanks and missiles and blimps to Washington, D.C., parade them down Pennsylvania Avenue, and then send them back to their home bases.

Then we will rebuild Pennsylvania Avenue, because Pennsylvania Avenue is not built to transport seven-ton tanks.

Why are we doing this? Why are we trying to imitate the Soviet Union, where Joseph Stalin stood at stiff attention while tanks rolled by, or North Korea where Kim Jong Un salutes missiles while his people starve?

We don’t do military parades. Mussolini did military parades. We have the best and most expensive military ever assembled. We don’t have to prove it. Our foes know all about it.

Why are we doing this? From all accounts, we’re doing this because France has an annual Bastille Day Parade and when Trump visited France recently, he was invited to be in the reviewing stand alongside President Macron.

Now, I think the French military has been unfairly maligned because it was crushed in World War II. The French soldiers had bad leadership, but they were brave fighters.

Nevertheless, when we think of military glory these days, France is not the first nation that comes to mind. In fact, when you think about any national military parade you can imagine, don’t you offer up at least a little snicker?

Some things about this aren’t quite so funny, however.

Apparently, the president went to the Pentagon on Jan. 18 to tell his generals to start planning a parade.

Jan. 18 was the day Democrats and Republicans couldn’t find agreement on financing the government and our government shut down for three days. Didn’t the president have anything better to do with his time that day than plan a parade?

The other thing that isn’t quite so funny is that the president also just referred to Democrats in Congress who refused to stand and applaud him during the State of the Union, as “traitors.”

His press secretary said Trump was only kidding, because we always kid around about referring to members of another branch of government as “traitors.”

We may have a clown car administration, but guess what, it is in charge of the most powerful military the world has ever known.

That makes me more than a bit uneasy.