WINEKE: Ron Johnson Has Wrong Priorities

Johnson calls on Akin to drop out of Mo. race

President Trump is happily waging his reign of terror on those who oppose him and the Republican Party is happy to go along.

No one really expected anything better from the president or his cult, though I am a little puzzled by why people now call him “unleashed.”  When has he ever been leashed.

Believe it or not, I did expect something better from Senator Ron Johnson, the man Wisconsin voters have twice sent to Washington.  Well…”expect” is probably the wrong word; I had hoped for something better.

Johnson a few days ago finally took issue with one of Trump’s purge decisions.  He urged the president not to fire European Union Ambassador Gordon Sondland, who testified in the impeachment proceedings that Trump had insisted on a quid pro quo agreement with Ukraine.

Johnson did not, however, quibble with the president’s decision to perp walk Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman out of the White House, or with the decision to also fire Vindman’s twin brother, who worked with the National Security Council White House detail.

Vindman, who earned a Purple Heart by being wounded in battle, responded to a Congressional subpoena and testified that he found some of Trump’s actions troubling and reported his fears to proper authorities.

So what’s the difference between the men?  Sondland is a millionaire hotel owner who donates generously to Republican candidates.  Vindman and his brother are Army officers who put their lives at risk to serve their country.

Johnson said he thought the ambassador should have been given sufficient time to resign his post with dignity.  The Lieutenant Colonel, apparently, deserves the indignity of being marched out of the White House as if he were a criminal suspect.

I keep hearing the cult members assure me that Vindman still has his job; he has simply been reassigned to the Pentagon, which is true.

It is also true that earlier this week President Trump suggested that the Army might consider disciplining Vindman.  He didn’t issue an order, mind you.  He just suggested that the discipline might be in order.  He who has ears to hear. . .

I haven’t heard a peep of protest from Ron Johnson.

So the president can tear apart of the State Department, the Department of Justice, the FBI and the military justice system and the cult cheers him on.

But firing a millionaire ambassador?  Now, that’s a sin worth protesting.