Wineke: Riots in the streets? Don’t cross Trump

Now we have South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham going on television and threatening riots in the streets should the Department of Justice prosecute former President Trump.

And why would the government want to prosecute the former president? I suppose we could count the ways but the current issue is that Trump has been holding on to government documents, including top secret papers that involve national security.

They are so sensitive that I heard one former FBI counter-terrorism official suggest that Trump may actually not be prosecuted because the evidence against him is so sensitive that the government might not risk exposing it to a jury.

Still, do we really think it is a good idea for a former president to be threatening violence should he be held to the same standards as mere mortals?

One problem with Trump’s arrogance is that it is metastasizing. The former president’s supporters think, they, too, have a right to stir civic unrest.

Lindsay Graham was once seen as a sort-of comic buddy to more powerful men, traveling the world with John McCain, working with former Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold on campaign finance legislation, and paying glowing tribute to Joe Biden.

Then Trump came to power and Graham saw his chance and took it. He turned his back on his friends and gloried in riding the Trump golf cart.

Now a Georgia grand jury wants to interview him about calls he made after the 2020 election challenging that state’s absentee voting. Graham’s response is that he is too important as a United States Senator to comply.

It’s not that they think Trump should be above the law. They think they all should be above the law.

I have no idea what the Justice Department will decide to do about the Trump documents.

He quite obviously broke the law because the law says he shouldn’t have had any of those papers, classified or unclassified. They belong to the people of the United States.

But the DOJ often decides that prosecution, while perhaps merited, isn’t in the nation’s best interest.

What I hope the DOJ does not decide is that we have to cower in fear behind the threats of discredited leaders.