Wineke: Nihilism reigns

The Forward statue torn down

MADISON, Wis. – It’s beginning to look as if the victorious social policy in today’s confusing world is nihilism.

We’re seeing it in Madison where protesters are toppling statues of an abolitionist general who was a hero of the Civil War and of a woman depicting women’s rights and where young people calling for a better society threaten – and carry out – violence against those photographing their acts.

We see it in the State Supreme Court as it declares illegal Governor Evers’ policies for a measured reopening of the state’s economy, thus creating a free-for-all that leads to massive new cases of Covid-19.

We see it in the Trump administration as it files a recommendation with the Supreme Court to end the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare.

Wisconsin will weather its own idiocy. We’ve been doing so for generations. But the Obamacare action is potentially far more serious.

There are some technical reasons for challenging the existing law but the practical result would be to take away health insurance for more than 20 million Americans, a good percentage of whom lost their employee health insurance in the current pandemic recession.

But, more than that, it would also end the health insurance protections now afforded even those who have health insurance benefits, such as your right to purchase insurance even if you suffer from prior conditions that make it likely you will cost the insurance company money.

At last count, we have 40 million or so unemployed people and every time I hear a new statistic another million or so have applied for benefits. There is a pandemic raging throughout the world and some small portion of those diagnosed will need incredibly expense hospital care.

So, you have to wonder what kind of insanity is raging in our country today.

Is this really the time to just put the financial status of millions of people into the hands of the Supreme Court? Chances are good the justices will deny this idiocy, but chances would be better of the Trump administration wasn’t egging on a nihilistic policy.

It may be a stretch to compare the actions of protesters on the Capitol Square with petitions to the Supreme Court. I understand that. But. . .does sanity reign anyplace these days?