Wineke: Here’s a good word about Trump

President Trump

MADISON, Wis. — Sometimes I don’t think we properly appreciate the ability President Trump has to lift our spirits.

But, in a day of pandemic illness and ongoing civil protest, the president often projects the only true levity of the hour.

For example, the president’s campaign has threatened to sue CNN because the cable network published a poll claiming that Joe Biden leads Trump by 14 points in a snapshot of the current presidential campaign.

It demanded an immediate retraction of the poll, which, the campaign said, was deliberately biased to make the president look bad.

For example, Trump issued a “tweet” suggesting that 75-year-old guy who was pushed by police in Buffalo, N.Y. and ended up in an intensive care ward may actually have been an antifa provocateur who was using his telephone to block police transmissions.

His press secretary later told reporters that Trump was “only asking a question” and was not implying anything negative.

For example, when critics started laughing at Trump for descending to a White House safe room during demonstrations last week, the president explained he had only gone for an “inspection” visit and was not succumbing to fear. In truth, it’s the Secret Service that determines such things and it was probably a good idea to safeguard the president and his family.

For example, Trump recently visited a factory that makes sterile swabs for Covid-19 testing. As usual, he didn’t wear a mask or protective clothing. As a result, all the swabs created during and around the visit had to be discarded.

Now, I admit there is nothing intrinsically “funny” about an old man being pushed to the ground by police, or about demonstrators breaching White House barriers or about a factory being effectively shut-down while the president tours.

But, taken together, those episodes do make us at least smile for a moment while perusing all the bad news of the day.

And they are one thing we can count on. Can you remember a day when the president didn’t do at least one thing that was objectively ridiculous?

For example, Thursday he referred – in a tweet – to the United States Secret Service as the “S.S.” Referring to cops as the “SS” has kind of a negative connotation to most people.

In another, he ordered the mayor of Seattle, Jenny Durkan, to treat demonstrations harshly, insisting she must “take back your city NOW! If you don’t do it, I will. This is not a game. Those ugly anarchists must be stopped IMMEDIATELY.”

The mayor suggested Trump “go back to his bunker.”

You really can’t make this stuff up.