Wineke: Every day with Trump as president brings new jaw-dropping announcement

You have to admit, our new president makes life interesting.

In his first two weeks in office, he has threatened to invade both Mexico and Chicago, insulted the prime minister of Australia, initiated a surprise anti-immigrant ban that threatens the future of the technology industry — and there’s a lot more.

Every day brings some new jaw-dropping announcement from the White House.

Why would we pick a fight with Australia? Or, for that matter, why would we try to destroy the Mexican economy? When we insist that the automobile industry stop building cars in Mexico or that we’re going to build a huge wall and make Mexico pay for it, what is our point?

Even Canada is now proclaiming that it will welcome refugees whom we will not welcome. Are we going to build a wall to contain Canadians as well?

It is almost impossible to parody this guy. In fact, when I read the text of a speech he gave to observe Black History Month, I initially thought it was a parody.

So far, the president’s base seems to be lapping it all up.

I was having lunch in a small-town restaurant this week when I overhead conversation from a group of older guys (meaning my age) about Trump’s Supreme Court announcement, in which he invited both top contenders for the job to be part of a prime-time television show and dramatically chose one of them for the job.

“I thought that was really interesting,” one of them said. “A lot more interesting than the way Obama announced his picks.”

Aside from the fact that I’d bet my last dollar this guy has no idea how President Obama announced his Supreme Court selections, the conversation does seem to buttress polls showing President Trump maintains the confidence of those who voted for him.

So, am I despondent? Not at all.

I think I know something about rural life. I was raised in a small town. I live in a small town. For the past decade or so, I have worked in small communities in Marathon, Clark, Green, Rock and Sheboygan counties. These communities are not liberal bastions.

What I’ve learned is that these people who make up the president’s base are stubborn, but they are not stupid.

They voted for Trump to make a statement. They see him following through on the promises he made.

But there will come a turning point when they realize that he is, at heart, a bully whose policies are pulling the rug out from under them. Example: Small town medical clinics and hospitals depend on Obamacare and are staffed by physicians from developing countries.

The problem with being a bully is that, sooner or later, someone will fight back and punch you in the nose. I don’t see our new president making any new friends.