Wineke: Asteroids are coming and we’re doomed

Wineke: Asteroids are coming and we’re doomed

A scientist from NASA’s Goddard Space Center warns that the earth is overdue for an “extinction level” event in which we will all die.

Thanks, Donald Trump.

The guy’s name is Joseph Nuth and he notes that, historically, the earth gets hit by a comet or a large asteroid every 50 million years or so. The last big one, which killed the dinosaurs happened 65 million years ago.

So, there you have it.

“The biggest problem, basically, is that there’s not a hell of a lot you can do about it at the time,” Nuth said, adding that we might be able to build a nuclear rocket or something and store it until it is needed.

Of course, it might not be needed for a million years or so. This could be a maintenance problem.

To me, the point is that there are other threats to civilization as we know it than the presidency of Donald Trump.

Like asteroids that have been flying through space for billions of years but might just be on a collision course now.

Or like the wars in Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Libya and all the other places that are creating millions and millions of refugees and utterly destroying civilizations that trace back for millennia.

Or like the millions of human beings that spend hours each day just obtaining water for their families. I was going to say “fresh” water but that may be a euphemism.

I may just be getting old, but it seems that most of my friends are either suffering previously unexpected health threats or are married to spouses with health threats. Growing old is not for sissies.

Look, I am a native of Dane County. I love Madison with all my heart. I am a liberal who is continually embarrassed that Scott Walker is my governor and that Donald Trump will be my president. I think it’s all terrible.

But compared to innocent children being shot and bombed in Syria? Compared to 10-year-old girls in Africa who must walk hours to find polluted waters and carry that water hours back to their home villages? Compared to the grief of a friend who just lost his wife to cancer or to another whose child as overdosed on heroin?

Let’s get a grip. We honestly can’t do much about Donald Trump. Nor can we do much about rogue asteroids.

But there are real problems out there we can help solve and, maybe, they should take up some of our psychic angst.