Windsor business paints large Ukrainian flag on roof

WINDSOR, Wis. — A Dane County business owner is showing his support for Ukraine as Russia’s current invasion of its eastern European neighbor continues more than seven months later.

Michael Berkholtz, the owner of Water Wells Inc., painted a 40-foot blue and yellow Ukrainian flag on the roof of the company’s building on Lake Road in Windsor.

“We’re really not happy with the aggression of (Russian President Vladimir) Putin and what he’s doing over there, and we want to support the… Ukrainians that don’t want to be Russians,” he said.

Don’t plan to drive by to check it out, though; the display is only visible from above.

“The reason we put it on the roof is because we don’t want to make a huge political statement, but when you fly over it it’ll make you think about how special we have it in the United States,” Berkholtz said.

Photojournalist Brian Mesmer and Sky 3 drone pilot Dennis Moran contributed to this report.