Will Warm Weather Bring Onslaught Of Insects?

It feels like summer, and, yes, that itch you feel is the mosquito bite you just got. Right along with the weather, the bugs are back.

Bug experts said that with the unusually warm weather, some insects are emerging right along with the plants and flowers.

“We have some mosquitoes that winter over in caves and the like, and those have woken up,” said University of Wisconsin-Madison Extension entomologist Phil Pellitteri. “I hear so many people concerned that it’s going to be a terrible insect year, and I don’t see anything to suggest that right now.”

In spite of the earlier warmth that?s brought out dormant, mature bugs, the lack of snow on the ground reduces spring flooding. In turn, the drier weather means less standing water for mosquitoes to breed in, said Pellitteri.

“People might remember 2010 was a very wet year, and the mosquitoes were about as bad as they can get in the state,” he said. “(In) 2011, at least the summer, was relatively dry, and it was nice.”

However, Pets and people might have more to worry about in ticks. The bugs, which sometimes carry Lyme disease, have developed an increasing presence in the region, he said.

Pellitteri suggested extra precautions in areas with woods and high grass.

Traditional repellants can help, but Permethrin is a spray-on repellant for clothing that can kill ticks on contact. It should not be applied to skin and remains in clothing after several washings.

“If you’re getting into areas that are prone to ticks, you better have your guard up,” Pellitteri said.