Wildfire smoke leading to hazy skies and dimmed sunlight – Chris

Western Wildfires

MADISON, Wis. — Sunshine has finally returned to southern Wisconsin, but the skies are a bit more gray than the typical blue.

This has been evident from area sky cams, and even viewers asking why it was cloudy when the forecast calls for sun.

Wisc Skycam

Edgewater Skycam


The cause of the haze comes all the way from the west coast of the country, where historic wildfires continue to burn with little containment. The associated smoke plume has spread throughout much of the country, and southern Canada.

Platteville Skycam

Western Wildfires

Expect the smoky skies to stick with us for at least a couple of days. While at least some smoke could stick around through the week, Monday and Tuesday look to be the haziest days in southern Wisconsin.

Hrrr Smoke

Hrrr Smok2e

Thankfully, the current haze poses little risk to the current air quality.