Wife of man shot in Milton disputes claim shooter acted in self defense

Wife of man shot in Milton disputes claim shooter acted in self defense

The wife of Zachary Barrett is disputing the official account that the shooting in Milton Wednesday night was an act of self-defense.

Nicole Barrett said her husband is still in critical condition and clinging to life in UW Hospital, after his friend Jason P. Kraayvanger shot him.

Milton police Chief Scott Marquardt said in a press conference Wednesday afternoon that Barrett was arguing with his wife at about 8 p.m. at their home in the 200 block of Elm Street. Kraayvanger, who had been staying there with the Barrett family, intervened when Barrett and his wife were fighting, officials said. The woman called 911, and Barrett put on a bullet-resistant vest. He armed himself with an AR-15 rifle and told Kraayvanger that he was getting ready for the cops to arrive. He also had a 9 mm in a holster on the vest.

She disputes the police and district attorney’s account of the shooting, acknowledging that while they did get into an altercation, her husband did not threaten to kill her.

She says while her husband does have a criminal past and mental health issues, she does not believe the shooting happened in self-defense.

“He was not a bad person, everybody has a past and everybody makes mistakes and he did not deserve what happened to him,” she said about her husband. “You don’t shoot your friend straight in the eye, in the face as self-defense. He could have shot Zachary Barrett in his legs or his feet to stop him if it was self-defense but no.”

Barrett said she’ll continue to defend her husband “until all (her) bones fall off” from what she believes is an injustice.

“I am his voice and I will be his voice until justice is served,” Barrett said.

Barrett said she and her husband have five kids.

“I get text messages (from my 10-year-old) and her calling me,” she said. “(She says) ‘Mommy, why aren’t you home?’, ‘Mommy I know what happened to Daddy, is daddy okay?’ — How do you answer that to a 10 year old girl? You can’t…that your dad is basically gone and he’s never going to be your normal dad again.”

Barrett has started a GoFundMe page since the incident.