Why TV stations break in for weather + your thoughts

Why TV stations break in for weather + your thoughts

Everyone in the news business cringes when there’s breaking weather and the only option is to cut in over a live sporting event, or a season finale, or Jeopardy.

We cringe because on top of getting slammed with breaking weather, we also get slammed with hate mail, hate calls, hate smoke signals, hate thoughts… you get it.

I’m not going to preach. I know it bothers people. But there’s something you should know– every single station in the country will go on air for a tornado warning. 

You know those funny memes that say…”You Had One Job”?  At the heart of what we do, safety is really our one job. Seriously. We rarely get pressed to do our “one job” because there are very few times when the general public could be in a life threatening situation. I know some of you only had rain but others had hail, wind, lightning, etc.

We are fortunate to live in a place that doesn’t have a lot of tornadoes. When I lived in Missouri, we would get several warnings a year. I’ve covered some major tornadoes (my husband covered Joplin) and if you’ve ever been through one, you get it. 

It happens. People have lost everything in one of those “small storms” and it’s devastating.

So, I said I wouldn’t preach. I’m just making a quick point. We’re sorry the NFL game was interrupted (at least it wasn’t the Packers!) but we thank you for your patience. We had a few “thank yous” and that certainly did not go unnoticed at the station!

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