‘Why did this have to happen?’: Residents hope for answers, speedy arrest after east side shootout

Police ask for information on shooters.

Police are still looking for the people who got into a shootout Sunday night on Madison’s east side, leaving behind three dozen shell casings around an apartment complex.

There were no reported injuries, but bullets went through the sides of apartment buildings where kids live.

Tanice Fowler was getting ready for bed and went to close a window when she heard the shots.

“I just fell to the floor and crawled to my baby’s room,” Fowler said. “I pulled her out the bed, and I just got over her, and then we just went into the bathroom.”

MPD found 36 shell casings outside Tanice Fowler’s apt last night. Bullets hit cars & buildings (luckily did not hit any people). One bullet landed right outside Fowler’s 3yo daughter’s room. “We didn’t have anything to do with this,” she said. “Why were we targeted?” #News3Now pic.twitter.com/riJvqSBL2A

— Amy Reid (@amyreidreports) November 25, 2019

Police found multiple bullet holes in Fowler’s apartment complex. One was right outside her 3-year-old daughter’s room, about a foot below where her head was resting on her bed.

At least 36 shell casings were found in two piles, indicating at least two people were shooting at each other, police spokesman Joel Despain said.

“At this point we’re just starting in terms of trying to figure out who was shooting and why they were shooting at each other,” Despain said.

He said police don’t know if this is connected to other incidents around Madison.

For Fowler, who left her last apartment in the city to get away from violence, this is just another blow to her sense of safety.

“We don’t have anything to do with this,” she said. “Why were we targeted? You know, why did this have to happen?”

Despain said police are not called to this neighborhood often, and this isn’t an indication of a bad area.

“There’s no rhyme or reason to why bullets start flying,” he said. “It’s where people run into each other encounter one another, and a lot of times now instead of resolving things in a peaceful way or even with a fistfight or something like that, it’s people pulling guns and shooting at each other.”

Despain is confident police will work this case until it’s solved and people are in custody, but it can take time. He referenced a Monday arrest related to a shooting on the Beltline over the summer.

“I just hope that these people do their jobs, and they find out whoever did this because it’s not fair,” Fowler said. “We shouldn’t have to go through this.”

Police ask anyone with information, especially video of the area, to call Madison Area Crime Stoppers at 608-266-6014.

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