Why Andrew Garfield and James Corden aren’t on ‘Game of Thrones’

James Corden and Andrew Garfield once had the dream of bringing their talents to Westeros , but it wasn’t meant to be.

Once you see their ” auditions, ” you’ll understand why.

In a sketch that aired on ” The Late Late Show, ” Corden and Garfield show off their acting chops in footage from multiple auditions for ” Game of Thrones ” characters, from Ned Stark to Hodor .

To say they really tried to land any part on the iconic series would be an understatement.

At one point, Garfield shows up in a red dragon outfit. When he’s told the plan is for the dragons to be CGI, he scoffs.

” Well, that’s a huge mistake. ”

Corden is the latest to try capitalizing on the buzz around the uber-popular series, which will come to a conclusion next month. Even ” Sesame Street” found a way to get in on the action.

As everyone battles in the game of content, the viewers win.