Whisk’s holiday wish list for and by foodies

Spice up the holiday season and spread culinary...
Whisk’s holiday wish list for and by foodies
Spice up the holiday season and spread culinary cheer with these gift recommendations from foodies, for foodies. Guaranteed to satisfy all holiday cravings. Click through this gallery for recommendations by Whisk food bloggers.

Julie Andrews, The Gourmet RD
Gosh, I’d love a new lens for my camera to take food photos, and some new props to spice up my photos! I’d also love a bad ass blender, like a Vitamix (I need to bite the bullet and just get one!), and some new measuring spoons and cups. I also want a new Dutch oven to make soups, soups and more soups. Yum.

Carissa Serink, Domestic Dreamboat
I have been eyeing a cast iron wok for months! I’m sure it will do a much better job for Asian cooking than the skillets that I’ve been using since I had to retire my old wok.

Bowen Close, Bowen Appetit
I’m dreaming of a drawer full of new kitchen towels – soft, nice to look at, and actually absorbent! I also wouldn’t be sad at all if someone gifted me a case of high-fat European butter to bake with this holiday season.

Inger Wilkerson, Art of Natural Living
On the top of my list is a creme brulee torch. This year I learned how delicious and easy it is to make creme brulee under the broiler–and I’d love to be able to do it the official right way!

An inexpensive but really handy item that would make a great stocking stuffer is a pomegranate seeder for our cabin–I got one last Christmas for home, and miss it every time I cut open a pomegranate “up north.”
Finally there are a couple of cookbooks that I have borrowed and gotten some great recipes from. These are Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home by Jeni Britton Bauer and The Chickpea Flour Cookbook by Camilla Saulsbury. The first one is seriously dangerous and the second helps make up for that!

Sarah Woolworth, Wisconsin From Scratch
I’m hoping for a renewed subscription to Lucky Peach – the quirky food writing journal I can’t live without. I’m also hoping to get some of Uplands Cheese’s Rush Creek Reserve, a super creamy raw milk cheese bound in spruce bark. It’s my absolute favorite cheese, and only available this time of year, so it’s extra special. Good reading material, and good cheese – what else could you need?

Vicky Cassidy, Things I Made Today
I’m eyeing up a couple different sous vide machines. Sous vide machines allow you to cook food in an airtight bag that’s placed in a water bath at very low heats, and the results are phenomenal. You can make meat, poultry, eggs, vegetables—you name it. I have a lot of ideas I want to play around with!

Pam Barnes, Sole Passion Baker
It would be the ‘icing’ on the cake, if I received an Ateco 612 Revolving Cake Stand this year! Oh, and just a word to Santa, if you could also slip a giant cake spatula under the tree for me, that would be ‘pretty sweet’ too!

Sujhey Beisser, Five Senses Palate
At home I drink pour over coffee because it reminds me of the simple coffee from my abuelita. Definitely on my gift wish list: a Chemex 3-Cup Classic Series.