Where to park during a snow emergency: A look at Madison and surrounding area options

A good rule of thumb is to follow alternate side street parking rules

With the upcoming snow storm much of Southern Wisconsin will see this weekend, the City of Madison is reminding people to use alternate side street parking through the weekend.

Many areas declare a snow emergency when three inches of snow have fallen. The City of Madison expects to declare a snow emergency sometime on Saturday that will be implemented that evening.

“I would just say that, in general, in the winter, if you are following side parking rules, you’re doing the right thing,” said Bryan Johnson with the City of Madison.

Johnson said the people who live in the non-snow emergency zone only have to use alternate side street parking when a snow emergency is declared.

“People within the snow emergency zone also have a once a week four-hour parking restriction that they have to follow,” Johnson said. “The alternate side parking rules only enforced between 1 a.m. and 7 a.m. so there’s a little bit of planning ahead you have to do.”

Johnson said there are also multiple city parking ramps that people can park in for free during a snow emergency if there isn’t enough street parking available.

To stay up-to-date on the latest weather conditions and to find out when a snow emergency is declared, you can sign up for free alerts through the city’s website. You can also follow the City of Madison’s social media accounts for the latest information.

If you do not live in Madison, read below for information on some surrounding area rules on snow emergencies and parking enforcement. You can also follow the social media accounts of your local police department and city. Visit your local city and police websites for the latest information.

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