Where to find ‘Holy Cow’: Madison’s pay-what-you-can food truck

MADISON, Wis.– Like all business owners, the people behind the Holy Cow food truck are trying to turn a profit. Unlike others, that money isn’t for them.

“We’re… different,” Rick Thomas, one of the people from Good Shephard Lutheran Church who helps run the truck, said with a shrug.

“People come up and they order food. If they have a dollar, they give us that. But we never ask for money.”

Holy Cow uses a pay-what-you-can model, with all profits donated to local charities. Thomas said the cart started popping up at local events in 2019, before the pandemic limited the number of people it was able to serve.

“We’re starting to hit our stride now,” he assured.

This summer, the cart is one of the dozens expected to participate in Madison’s new ‘Carts in Parks’ program, which begins Sunday, July 25th. Thanks to a $50,000 national grant, vendors will be allowed to sell in city parks without paying an additional fee and they’ll be guaranteed enough money to break even.

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‘Carts in Parks’ will afford some of Madison’s smallest businesses the opportunity to serve more people and trucks like Holy Cow the chance to turn a bigger profit to make an even bigger difference.

“Come to our events,” Thomas said. “We’re trying to build community, bring people back together, and reestablish the connection between neighbors. Food does that.”

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