Where Is U.S. On Climate Change?

Leadership needed.
Where Is U.S. On Climate Change?





As irresponsible and embarrassing as the so-called fiscal cliff disgrace is for elected officials in Washington, it is made more so by the fact that such a woeful disregard for the common good of citizens of the United States is also distracting lawmakers from acting on even more pressing and important issues. Like global climate change.

Less than a week ago international climate talks ended with the United States unwilling to make any new commitments on controlling carbon emissions or even to continue working on the issue. This stance of course reflects a generally held reluctance in Washington to consider climate discussion at anywhere near the level of urgency of an overwhelming majority of the world’s scientists and other world leaders.

President Obama pledged during his re-election campaign to renew efforts to cut emissions in the U.S. Now is the time to act on that pledge and regain some global credibility. This country needs to take a stand on climate change once and for all. And then it must act.