What’s your priority for the Wisconsin state budget?

What’s your priority for the Wisconsin state budget?
State Capitol

A week ago we asked you for your top federal budget priority: if you could ensure one piece of legislation was passed in the federal budget, what would it be?

We’re still tallying responses, but we want to ask the same question in regards to the state budget.

Certainly Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal and reactions from legislators in both parties have raised questions about what’s doable, if not good policy.

But given that this is in fact the state’s budget, your budget, what’s your must-have issue: Roads, in-home care, public education, the UW, school lunches? What matters to you?

Pick one issue and send it to my Facebook page and we’ll get back to you with the results. We can’t promise anyone at the Capitol will listen to us, but at least we’ll know how what matters to elected officials and what matters to citizens align, or don’t.