What’s That Wednesday: Bacon and Egg Farrotto at Madison Sourdough

What’s That Wednesday: Bacon and Egg Farrotto at Madison Sourdough
The savory farrow porridge with poached egg and arugula is a standout on the new menu.

Bacon and Egg Farrotto

916 Williamson St.
442-8009, madisonsourdough.com


-poached egg
-SarVecchio Parmesan
-poached egg
-arugula salad

Madison Sourdough rolled out a revamped menu today with some updated ingredients to existing breakfast and lunch items, plus a few entirely new creations. Among the latter is this hearty breakfast dish, made with a base of farro (a whole grain) cooked à la risotto (hence “farrotto”) with shallots and bacon and a bit of cream and parmesan. The result is a slightly chewy, savory base that tastes slightly rich from the integrated bacon and shallot, but still mild enough for a morning meal. A perfectly poached egg—another dose of protein—sits between the creamy grains and a topping of seasoned arugula. You don’t see many savory porridges on breakfast menus around here, and it’s the first such dish Madison Sourdough has undertaken. It’s filling, but so good you can’t help but finish the whole thing. Get it while you can. 

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