What’s that boom? Cold winter temperatures cause ice quakes

What’s that boom? Cold winter temperatures cause ice quakes
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On a calm, cold winter night, a sudden explosive sound may be enough to make you jump out of bed.

Did you hear a loud ‘boom’ today?! We’re actually getting several reports around the area… and there’s nothing to fear! Those pops and booms are called ice quakes; they’re caused by the water in the ground freezing & expanding #News3Now pic.twitter.com/0TKWFPe31J

— Dana Fulton (@DanaFultonWX) February 8, 2019

There’s no need to be alarmed; the boom was likely an ice quake.

Ice quakes, also called frost quakes, happen when water in the ground freezes and expands. The expansion can create very loud, frequent pops.

LISTEN: Steve Boelter’s doorbell captured the sound of an ice quake in the town of Middleton ���

READ MORE: https://t.co/n6Xfmp4FMK pic.twitter.com/hzMaB02MNB

— News 3 Now / Channel 3000 (@WISCTV_News3) February 8, 2019

Reports of ice quakes are very common in the northern Midwest after large drops in temperature. News 3 Now has received multiple reports of ice quakes Thursday night.

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