What you need to know: Wednesday

What you need to know: Wednesday

It’s Wednesday, August 3 and here is your day ahead:

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In local news… 

WEATHER: A nearly stationary front will begin working northward as a warm front today, and temperatures will continue to warm. Today will start with patchy fog. Skies will be variably cloudy, very warm and humid with a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms. High temperatures will reach the upper 80s, and heat index values will be in the lower to middle 90s.  Full forecast

1. Body pulled from Lake Monona

The Madison Fire Department has pulled a dead individual from Lake Monona overnight. The dive team was called just after 11pm Tuesday. First responders have not released many details, but the Madison Fire Department plans to release more information today. More on the story

2. Skydiving accident

The Federal Aviation Administration will continue its investigation into a skydiving accident in southeastern Wisconsin. Police say two experienced skydivers were hurt in an accident in southeastern Wisconsin. Police were called to the East Troy Municipal Airport just before 5 p.m. Monday on reports of two parachutists down. More on this story

3. Future plans for Oscar Mayer plant

Madison city leaders are trying to put together a vision for the site of the soon-to-be vacant Oscar Mayer plant. Mayor Paul Soglin said neighbors should be patient because it could be a while before the site is developed. More on this story

4. Caterpillar notifies state of factory closure

Caterpillar has notified state labor officials that it will discontinue operations at its forest products facility in Prentice. In its report to the Department of Workforce Development, Caterpillar says about 150 employees will be affected beginning Sept. 30. More on this story

5. Deputy charged with using belt to strike one of his children

A Grant County sheriff’s deputy is charged with felony child abuse. A criminal complaint says the 47-year-old deputy used his uniform belt to strike one of his children and told the child not to tell anyone.  More on this story

In national news today…

1. Campaign 2016

The official start of the general election campaign has been a lot less than ideal for the GOP’s presidential nominee. Since the conventions, Donald Trump has:

1) Refused to endorse the Speaker of the House or Arizona Sen. John McCain in their re-election bids (yeah, that’s a pretty big snub);

2) Picked a multi-day fight with a Muslim Gold Star family;

3) Said if his daughter was sexually harassed at work he’d want her to change careers (brother Eric says she’s too strong to let that happen anyway);

4) Got a Purple Heart as a gift from a supporter and said, that was easy!

Oh, and then he threw a crying baby out of one of his rallies. No wonder members of his campaign are so frustrated. More on this story

2. Baltimore woman killed:

Police in Baltimore who killed a woman after a seven-hour standoff had her social media pages taken down as she tried to live-stream the event. Korryn Shandawn Gaines died in a gunfight with police Monday at her apartment. Her young son was injured. Police admitted yesterday they asked Facebook to deactivate her account as well as her Instagram account during the standoff. However, a couple of videos she recorded during the incident were still on Instagram yesterday afternoon.

3. Olympics

OK, we all know the waters around Rio are pretty icky, but just how icky? Icky enough that you shouldn’t put your head (or probably any other body part) under the water, says one biomedical expert. The waters — including Guanabara Bay, where sailing competitions will be held — are full of viruses and drug resistant superbugs. Promises were made when Rio was awarded the Games that the waters would be cleaned up. Well that didn’t happen. Rio authorities said there is an “internationally acceptable” level of bacteria in the water. Great. Most Olympians say they’ll go ahead and compete this week, after taking the proper precautions. More on this story

4. North Korea fires off missiles

Looks like North Korea is still in the missile-testing business. The North fired off a pair of ballistic missiles early this morning. One exploded right after launch and the other went into the Sea of Japan, U.S. and South Korean officials say. North Korea’s not supposed to be launching anything, at least that’s what a U.N. Security Council resolution passed earlier this year says. But when has the North ever let that stop them? More on this story 

5. Obamacare under fire

Obamacare’s under fire again, but not from the Republicans. This time it’s insurance companies taking aim at the controversial government program. Yesterday Aetna said it was canceling plans to expand into five more states and will reassess involvement in the 15 states where it currently offers coverage on Obamacare’s individual exchanges. Aetna’s losing $300 million on Obamacare this year. Other insurers are raking up big losses too, raising questions about Obamacare’s viability. More on this story