What you need to know: Tuesday

What you need to know: Tuesday
Social media outrage over images like this prompted the Wisconsin National Guard to investigate.Caption from Instagram post: "We put the FUN in funeral -- your fearless honor guard from various states."

It’s Tuesday, February 18 and here is your day ahead:

In local news…

WEATHER:  Finally a break from the bone-chilling temperatures. Meteorologist Haddie McLean says milder weather will arrive for a couple of days. Today will be partly sunny with a slight breeze and a high of 36 degrees. Full forecast


The Wisconsin National Guard is looking into allegations that a soldier posted inappropriate pictures and comments to Instagram. One picture in question shows a woman, who appears to be in the Honor Guard, taking selfies and complaining about the cold weather. The text that goes along with the picture reads, “Somebody’s getting a jacked up flag.” The National Guard said it aware of the pictures and is investigating. Full story


Opening statements begin this morning in the sexual assault trial for Joshua Drabek, 20, of Madison. He is accused of sexually assaulting his step-sister. Drabek faces charges of first-degree sexual assault of a child and child abuse.  In June 2013, Drabek was convicted of second-degree sexual assault in an unrelated case. He was sentenced to 15 months in prison and two year probation.


Madison-based appliance and furniture retailer American is announcing plans to close its doors. About 990 employees at 11 locations will be affected. The locations include two stores each in Illinois and Iowa and five stores, corporate offices and a distribution center in Wisconsin. A liquidation sale begins on Thursday. Full story

In national news…


An abrupt ejection: Things were going smoothly. The plane was descending, and 119 people on United Airlines Flight 1676 were going to arrive shortly in Billings, Montana. But then turbulence blindsided the flight and sent passengers and crew flying out of their seats. One woman hit the ceiling so hard, it cracked the panel above her head. And no one knows why the plane acted this way.


History on ice: Finally! Gold for the United States in ice dance – its first ever. American Olympians have been hit-or-miss this year, but Meryl Davis and Charlie White have delivered big in Sochi. The skating couple’s been magnificent every time they’ve carved across the ice. But yesterday’s performance was – whoa! Breathtaking.


A thunderclap! And now? Jimmy Fallon was wearing his Cheshire Cat grin last night. He took to the “Tonight Show” stage as its brand new host to a roar of applause, and when it died down, he took his first jab at himself. “I am Jimmy Fallon, and I will be your host – for now.” He rattled off some kitchen table chatter about who he is. But then he launched a rocket of a premiere show, including an evolution of hip-hop dancing with Will Smith and a performance by U2 on the roof of 30 Rock.


Killed, lied or both? How many people has the alleged Craigslist killer killed? Miranda Barbour told a reporter at least 22, but fewer than 100. That’s such a large number that at least one criminologist has doubts. He wonders how she could have pulled them all off. After all, she’s only 19. Police have connected her and her husband to at least one twisted murder: a man they lured with a Craigslist ad.


Most horrible atrocities: Imagine being forced to drown your own baby in a bucket of water. It’s one of the many horrors the U.N. described yesterday in a report alleging crimes against humanity by North Korea’s regime. The document includes a catalog of torture, murder, slavery, mass starvation and sexual violence so bad that the U.N. says there’s nothing like it anywhere else on Earth.