What to expect at your next hair appointment

Temperature checks, masks and social distancing are mandatory

MIDDLETON, Wis. — Your next hair appointment won’t look like your last. At ANiU hair salon, many changes have been made as they follow new guidelines to protect the health and safety of its staff and clients.

Upon arriving at the salon, clients wait in their cars and text the salon number on the salon’s Facebook page letting them know they are ready for their appointment. A “runner” will come get the client, bring them in, scan their temperature, make sure they are wearing a face mask and ask them to sanitize their hands.

Co-owner Ron Bredeson said they are will also be “no shampooing [and] no blow drying” for the time being.

Hair stylist Karen Cooke said these changes are drastic, but, “It’s just one of those things that you accept needs to be done.”

Hair stylists clean and sanitize their work stations in between every single client.

“That’s why they have to wait to be called so that we know that everything is cleaned up,” Cooke said.

Most returning clients are on board with the new changes and have been complying without any issue.

“It makes me feel safe like everyone is really taking this seriously,” said client Christina Whelan.

Bredeson said he is used to seeing about 200-250 clients in his salon every day, but with the new guidelines, they are only accepting 25% every day.

Despite the changes, Bredeson said, “I’m happy we are all back. I’m just very very happy we are all back”