What should you do with your COVID vaccination card?

MADISON, Wis. — The small, white card you got after your COVID shot is an important document. And it could become even more important in your day to day life in the future.

“Requirements for vaccination are happening at sort or larger levels, so for example the Buffalo Bills requiring vaccination for fans attending the game, colleges and universities around the country are making such announcements. I’m not seeing that so much at the local level,” said Ajay Sethi, an Associate Professor in Population Health Sciences at UW-Madison.

While the World Health Organization and federal government try to work out what a vaccination passport might look like, your vaccination card is the only physical proof you have.

So it’s important that you keep it safe.

“Keep it in a drawer, keep it in the same place maybe where you keep your passport, your social security card, any other sort of documents you don’t want to lose,” said Sethi.

He said although right now you don’t need to show the card on a normal day, you could eventually be required to show it to enter a building or even a restaurant.

“I think people who run businesses are looking for that precedent to be set at the upper levels,” said Sethi.

Stores like Staples and Office Depot are offering free lamination of your COVID vaccination card, but Sethi recommends you don’t do that. You could need to add more to it.

“In the future, if we are going to need boosting, and that’s a big if right now, you’ll want that card unlaminated so that a vaccinator can put on there record of your next shot incase you need one,” said Sethi.

His advice is to treat the vaccination card like your ID or social security card. You wouldn’t post pictures of those personal details on social media.

Scammers can use the information on your vaccination card to create fake cards or even steal your identity.

And if you’ve lost your vaccination card, don’t worry. Wisconsin keeps lifetime immunization records online, where you can look yourself up. This is a good backup option if you need proof of vaccination.

If you need a replacement, those can only be provided by the vaccinator.

“It takes time to get a replacement. It’s also a little bit of a pain and that’s why it’s a good idea that when you get your vaccination card, make multiple copies. You can carry one in your wallet if you’d like, but carry the copy and not the original,” said Sethi.

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