What should be done with the murals painted on boarded up State St. businesses? The city wants your opinion

MADISON, Wis. — As more State Street businesses begin to open up following break-ins and vandalism earlier this month, the boarded up windows that quickly turned into works of art are also coming down.

The City of Madison is trying to decide what to do with them, so officials created a survey.

Karin Wolf, the city’s arts program administrator, said the city helped commission artists to paint some of the boards, and since then people have been reaching out with ideas about where they should end up.

She created a survey with the most popular ideas, including auctioning them off to raise money for the artists or non-profits, creating a temporary exhibition, or donating them to schools, community centers or museums.

Participants can also write in their own ideas.

“The overwhelming response is that people are very enthusiastic about this work and they would like it somewhere where the public can continue to see it. They want it to live on, this is not just a moment that they want to leave behind. So ideas are putting them in community centers, government buildings, making them available so people can still absorb the message,” said Wolf.

The city is currently helping remove some of the art to put it in storage until a decision is made.

Many of the murals still remain on State Street and some businesses have decided to keep them or incorporate them into their shops.

Wolf said even some of the artwork that the city did not hire artists to do could be included in the final project.