What do to if you are in need a witness signature on your absentee ballot

Right now, there is no exemption for the requirement, even in the midst of the stay-at-home order and mass shutdowns.
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The City of Madison Clerk’s Office has received many inquiries about the need for a witness signature and address on the absentee certificate envelope.

Several Dane County organizations have offered to help voters who live alone and may have difficult finding a witness for their absentee ballot envelope.

Older adults in Madison who need a witness call NewBridge for assistance at (608) 512-0000.

The Dane County Voter ID Coalition has also started a service for individuals who need assistance with the witness signature and address on their absentee certificate envelope. You can reach them at (608) 285-2141.

The League of Women Voters of Dane County volunteers said they will also try to help voters while maintaining social distance.

Spouses, significant others, and family members can serve as witness on the absentee certificate envelope for each other.