What are YOU doing this Thanksgiving? Madison doctors share their plans for first major family meal in two years

MADISON, Wis.– How are you spending Thanksgiving Day? For some, it’s the first time their extended family will be gathered around one table in two years, before they ever heard the word ‘coronavirus.’

UW Health Dr. Jeff Pothof is hosting about 10 people, all fully-vaccinated. Pothof’s kids recently received their first doses of the COVID vaccine, which gives him even more peace of mind.

“With my family, they haven’t done anything during the pandemic that would be considered ‘high risk,’ where I’d worry they’d contract the virus and bring it to Thanksgiving,” Pothof told News 3.

SSM Health’s Mo Kharbat received his booster shot two weeks before Thanksgiving, giving himself just enough time for immunity to kick in.

“Thankfully, because of the vaccine, the risk of a vaccinated person becoming really sick and going to the hospital is very low,” Kharbat said.

Both Pothof and Kharbat are looking forward to celebrating safely with their families and hope you will, too.

“Vaccinated people, with their booster doses, gathering in groups of 10 to 15 people indoors doesn’t concern me that much,” said Pothof, adding, “I can’t believe we’re still talking about holidays on what, the second or third go-around? It would be nice if this was just all over.”


“The best piece of advice we can give is: If you’re not vaccinated, get vaccinated and if you are vaccinated, get a booster sooner rather than later,” Pothof said.

Wishing you a happy, healthy, filling, & fulfilling Thanksgiving!

And if you’re due for your booster shot, click here to find your nearest vaccination location.