West side fitness club closes, leaves customers out money

Kosama Madison closes without warning, communication with members
West side fitness club closes, leaves customers out money

Customers are looking for answers and their money back from a west Madison fitness club that closed without warning last week.

Cynthia Sawatske said when she arrived for an afternoon class last Tuesday at Kosama Madison, at 7475 Mineral Point Road, the lights were off and all the gym equipment had been removed from the building. Other gym members have posted on the company’s Facebook page that they arrived earlier that week to a locksmith changing the locks at the facility.

“There was no notification, no warning, anything,” Sawatske said.

She had recently purchased a $2,000 life membership and was training to try out for the Mad Rollin Dolls roller derby league next month. She will now work out at home because she doesn’t have enough money to join another gym.

“I think it’s wrong. You can promote a life membership and then close a few months later. That’s ridiculous,” she said. “Two grand, it’s a lot of money.”

Calls, emails and social media messages to the local owners of the Kosama Madison franchise and its corporate owners over the last 24 hours have gone unanswered.

“Just because you close your door does not mean you’re not obligated to the services, money or product you owed the customers when you were open,” said Kimberly Hazen, who runs the southwest chapter of Wisconsin’s Better Business Bureau. “It’s always a risk when you buy services in advance. Any time you can be out of luck because you just really don’t know about the company. The fact someone owes you money is nothing if they have no way to pay you.”

Sawatske has consulted with a lawyer and is communicating with other Kosama Madison members to see if anyone has received any information about the money they paid for memberships. She said she’ll keep trying to contact the owners to get her money back.

“For a lifetime membership, I thought it was a good deal,” she said. “Now, I’m out a decent chunk of change.”