‘We’re not backing down’: Madison family seeking suspect caught on camera destroying Pride and Black Lives Matter flags

MADISON, Wis. – A family on Madison’s northeast side is looking for the person who vandalized their Pride and Black Lives Matter flags on two occasions this summer.

Jared Kunick, who lives adjacent to Madison’s Darbo-Worthington neighborhood with his wife and daughter, says they’re not sure who could be responsible.

We’re not afraid. We’re not intimidated,” Kunick said. “More than anything, it’s kind of sad almost. This person sees these things out there and are so offended. I don’t know exactly what the thought process is.”

Kunick says his family hung the flags from their front porch more than a year ago. In June, they awoke to find the flags, along with the flag poles, gone.

Having property stolen is not really a big issue,” Kunick said. “It’s one thing to have something innocuous, like a plant or something, stolen. This felt targeted.”

Determined to keep their flags flying, Kunick and his family invested in a home surveillance system. In addition, Kunick deadbolted the flags to the flagpole, while attaching the poles to his porch with metal wire.

On Tuesday morning around 4 A.M, the surveillance cameras captured someone attempting to steal the flags once more. When they realized the efforts Kunick had gone through to make sure they’d remain attached, the vandal used a knife to cut both flags down and left.

The flags were gone, but they were cut off at the corners. I immediately went in to my wife and said ‘Hey, someone cut the flags down,'” Kunick said. “We’re kind of living in a time where a lot of people just feel that they’re entitled to do these kind of things.”

While Kunick and his family have since filed a report with the Dane County Sheriff’s Office, he says he’d prefer to talk with the vandal himself.

I’d rather just talk through something then have them go to these extremes and just steal something like that,” he said. “I don’t mind that flags are stolen, but what’s the end game? Why do you feel the need to do these kind of things? Why do you feel that way?”

Kunick says he and his family plan to purchase new flags for their home.

I just want them to know we’re not afraid,” he said. “We’re not backing down.”